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My Story Series: Zalale

Zalale is a local clothing brand for designing and producing ready - to - wear clothes inside Kurdistan. Zalale launched in 2018 by designer Mohamad Zalale , and registered in Kurdistan government as the first local clothing brand.

Since 2014 at 14 years old, he started learning fashion design and participating in many events and fashion weeks.

Zalale produces women ready to wear clothes for each season in a high quality of production and materials. So far zalale has produced more than 10 collections and has targeted females from 16y- +60y.

In 2020 zalale opened a manufactory and an office in Suli after one year. Now Zalale is working on its second branch in Erbil which includes a manufactory and an office.

One of Zalale’s focus is designing and sewing a clothing design in high quality and production that suits our environment.

Zalale produces ; women pajamas , women daily clothes, kids clothes (girls and boys) , facemask set , special facemasks , sleep masks .

They are receiving orders from B2B and B2C as single orders or whole sale.

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