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My Story Series: Shayan Shahir

I am Shayan Shahir Nuradeen and I am a visual artist based in Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq. I do mainly portrait photography, digital illustrations, murals and occasionally paintings.

I used to draw since early childhood, my family, especially my dad, encouraged me to draw. However, the journey wasn't continuous. At some point in my adolescence, I stopped drawing. Something in me didn't like the way I was drawing, so I gave up.

Almost a decade on, I went to the US to study business, and next to my business school was the art school. I found myself sneaking to art history classes, and my childhood passion for art ignited in me again.

Ever since my return from the US, I have been doing art works on and off. In 2013, I went to Italy for a three week intensive traditional painting course at the Accademia d’Arte in Florence. But since 2015, my life took another turn in arts dedicating my time to art on almost a daily basis enrolling in different art courses in Kurdistan. It was also in 2015 that I was introduced to digital Illustration. In 2019, I had my first solo exhibition at the French Institute and after that a lot of people got to know about my art works. After that, I also started doing murals in 2020.

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