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My Story Series: Nask Collection

Nask Omar, 25 years old who is originally from Kirkuk, was born in Shaqlawa but raised in Erbil. Currently, she is studying Business Administration at The American University of Iraq, Sulimaniah. Besides that, she is an artist, a DIY rock painter who started her career and painting when she was only 11.

At age of 18-19, she started doing her own business. However, she officially created her brand "Nask Collection", which is a jewelry brand in 2020. "Nask Collection" is a combination of nature, history, art, and culture that is given to the product. Her jewelry is made by the peace of nature, such as stones, tree seeds, and seashells.

Before she started, she wanted to be the change that she wishes to see in her community. “Being an entrepreneur needs a passion and seeing the business as a dream that needs our energy to grow. We should not worry about being successful. Keep going on our path, working on our unique ideas, bringing something that has not been made before, and work on it, then success naturally happens,” Nask believes.

Her dream is big, and she is working on it unstoppably. She believes that she will get what she wants because we become what we think of in the end.

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