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My Story Series: Erbillian

My name is Goran Pshtiwan, born and raised in Erbil, Founder & Creator of ERBILLIAN idea, holding bachelor degree in Business & Management now willing to study my master degree in Fashion Design & Business.

Self taught artist, who started sketching during quarantine times in 2020 pandemic. 2020 was not that easy for everyone, in the beginning of 2020 I got accepted for a scholarship aboard, on 14th of March 2020 I quit my professional job and want to study my master degree, due to the current pandemic lockdowns and airport shutdown around the world I got stuck in Milan, Italy for 112 days, not being able to start my Master career but instead in my quarantine times I was able to educate and challenge myself to learn a new language and how to draw digitally. Now I draw B&W simple yet modern Sketches to tell stories, bring attention to Kurdish/Iraqi culture, people, symbolic things, ancient and historical places.

Launched my first collection on 21th of September 2020, I’ve received so many positive beautiful feedbacks and messages during my launch from people mentioning that its a very new business model and thing for them, print selling business is a very new form here in our region.

A framed print of Erbil Citadel, with a post card of Erbil Minaret could be a beautiful gift that can tell story and stay forever like a souvenir.

Now I’m a full-time artist and a small business owner “I learnt that tough times does not define us, instead it refines us”.

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