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My Story Series: Jino Passion

I'm Jeen Jumaa and I am a chemist base in Duhok , Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

I make hand made crafts like "crochet , accessories and finding myself in something new and close to ne as a chemist called Resin.

I started with learning crochet after finishing the uni. few years ago and my family encouraged me to make an online shop because I was an unemployed and that's how I start.

I learned only from YouTube and I was determined to develop my work by myself.

BUT as we all know at summer no one by crochet stuff so I went to the accessorie business and start making some.

Luckily people loved them and that encouraged me to make more ,so I find my summer work also.

months ago I find my new passion in resin.

I tried it and loved it so much, the raw materials are expensive, hard and harmful so i have to take right precautions.

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